House Policies as per Maui County (19.65.030(Q)).


a. Quiet hours from 9:00 p.m, to 8:00 a.m., during which time the noise from the short-term rental home shall not unreasonably disturb adjacent neighbors. Sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries during non-quiet hours shall not be more excessive than would be otherwise associated with a residential area;


b. Amplified sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries of the short-term rental home is prohibited


c. Vehicles shall be parked in the designated onsite parking area and shall not be parked on the street


d. No parties or group gatherings other than registered guests shall occur;


Maui County also require the following notices: limit of one (1) rental group at a time, maximum occupancy of four (4) including children over the age of two (2) 


Additional Requests (ours):

v No Smoking in the House, On Decks is OK, Please use ashtrays

v Please remove shoes inside the house

v Drink and brush teeth in the Bottled Water

v Do not use pesticides, let us know if you see bugs

v Do not leave food out, this is the tropics

v Shower before using hot tub, clean feet, no oils or lotions

v Please lift hot tub cover with two people, be gentle

v Let us know right away if anything breaks



       24 hour contact information: Jette Slater, manager / owner  572-7121